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Please note that all provided slots are in Greenwich Mean Time+2 (GMT+2), and use a 24h format. You may use this time zone converter to convert these times to your local time zone.

Time (GMT+2) Event
13:45 14:00 Opening welcome speech: introducing the aims of the workshop, and briefly introducing the speakers.
14:00 14:30 Keynote 1: Warren Gross.
Title: Stochastic Computing for Machine Learning towards an Intelligent Edge
14:30 15:00 Keynote 2: Julie Grollier.
Title: Spiking Equilibrium Propagation for Autonomously Learning Hardware
15:00 15:30 Keynote 3: Ehsan Saboori.
Title: Deep learning model compression using neural network design space exploration
15:30 16:00 Break.
16:00 17:30 Poster session and open discussion.
17:30 18:30 Panel discussion.
18:30 19:00 Break.
19:00 19:30 Keynote 4: Yunhe Wang.
Title: AdderNet: Do we really need multiplications in deep learning?
19:30 20:00 Keynote 5: Song Han.
Title: TinyTL: Reduce Memory, Not Parameters for Efficient On-Device Training
20:00 20:30 Keynote 6: Liangwei Ge.
Title: Deep learning challenges and how Intel is addressing them
20:30 21:00 Announcement of the different award winners and closing remarks.